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Tuesday, November 27, 2012


How was your Thanksgiving holiday? Mine was great, minus lying sick in bed 50% of the time. Despite that fact, it was still amazing to see family and be back home for a short while. I feel so much better today, and I even ran outside all wrapped up in my sweater in excitement over the changing season in Texas. We're catching up, finally! :)

Pretty, huh? I loved spring and summer, but fall is just as welcome.

How is it in your parts?


Michaela said...

So pretty! In Northern California (where my parents live) it's so beautiful with all the colors, too. But down here in LA...not so much! I want some colored leaves asap.

Danie at Pasadya said...

It must be so pretty! Aww, I hope LA gets color soon!

Anonymous said...

florida is catching up as well. glad you're feeling better and that you're enjoying the changing weather. i sure am!


Unknown said...

Definitely still green in most parts here! Beautiful photos!

Gertrude from said...

Beautiful photos Danie!Wish we were celebrating Thanksgiving too here in Greece...!

Sarah Carlson said...

Bummer that you were sick! I can't believe you're JUST getting Fall! We're already transition to winter in the upper midwest! Seriously, there are patches of snow!

Unknown said...


Danie at Pasadya said...

Leyla: I bet it's so beautiful with the fall in Florida! I've only been there in the summers. Thank you so much! It's amazing to be feeling almost back to normal!

Milynn: It's interesting to see how it is everywhere else. Sometimes I forget about the rest of the world and get stuck in my little bubble, ha. Thanks so much!

Gertrude: Aww, you should toast from afar I guess. I won't tell. ;)

Sarah: Blah, I know! It's my reminder to be thankful! :) Isn't it weird?? I look at updates from everyone, and it's so crazy to see dumps of snow! That's one sad thing about Texas...sometimes it's white, sometimes it's not. :/

Sarah: Thank you so much! Thanks for stopping by. :)

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