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Wednesday, November 7, 2012


As promised, I have the final version of the sketch from yesterday. :) I decided to call it "Lean." Straight-forward and to the point.

On a semi-related note, I woke up with a jolt this morning, both late and scared. I had a few dreams during the night, and the last one I remember went like this: I was driving late at night, following my husband on the highways in San Antonio. My husband was leading the way, and there were only about five cars around us. It's strange to see the roads so empty.

I noticed my husband didn't have his lights on, so I flashed my brights to get him to turn on his own lights. He noticed, and flipped them on. I didn't realize that my brights stuck in the "on" position, and I accidentally left them there for only a few seconds.

I guess my brights must have temporarily blinded a man driving in the small car diagonally to my right front, because all of a sudden, his car started wildly spinning around and around in circles, crossing multiple lanes and out of control. This is the part I probably should have realized it was a dream, because my husband stuck his hand out of his car, grabbed the rolled-down window of the man's spinning car, and completely stopped the spinning.

The man drove straight ahead within the lines afterwards, just as if nothing happened. The next moment I looked around me, I was completely surrounded by heavy traffic.

What a weird and short dream...maybe it has something to do with my mind being all over the place and attempting to figure out which direction I should take in certain areas of my life. Like I was saying yesterday, I must be dealing with leaning one way and then the other. Who knows?

Am I the only one, or have you also been dreaming lately?


Gabriele Vilkonyte said...

This is so amazing! Thank You, dear! I saved it and one day I will definitely post it to my blog :)

Have a lovely day,

Danie at Pasadya said...

Gabriele, you're so welcome! :) Hope you have the best day also!

Holly said...

Wonderful work on Lean, Danie!

As for your dream ... it is a strange one. But I feel like somehow, your husband saving the day in your dream may mean you think of him as your hero these days ... ? Or maybe I'm just a hopeless romantic ;)

I've been having crazy dreams lately too, but they vanish from my memory within seconds of awaking and I'm just left with this feeling like ... "whoa. that was weird". Weird.


Danie at Pasadya said...

Thanks Holly. :) You might be onto something there! I didn't think of it that way, but it makes sense.

I know what you mean! For the past few months, I was having multiple dreams, but thankfully they haven't been so constant. I end up feeling like I didn't sleep otherwise.

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