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Friday, November 16, 2012


Song to listen to with this story: "Hummed Low" by Odessa Rose

They ran through the sun-lit blades of grass, she swinging the golden cap belonging to the washed makeshift firefly-catching jar that once use to house sticky grape jelly, and he grasping the glass jar with both hands, holding it in a horizontal position in order to have a better chance of collecting the fiery creatures.

This was Adeline and Mitchell’s newfound interest, and they had been diligently meeting at dusk to go on the hunt every day now for two entire weeks. For nine-year-olds, this was absolute eternity.

“Mitchell, it’s not a stupid idea! Don’t you get it?? We’re gonna be rich if we can catch even a jar-full of fireflies!” 

These were the stubborn words Mitchell had heard two weeks prior from the determined Adeline, who happened to live across the country road from his family’s small wood-planked home. Mitchell had no idea what his strong commitment to Adeline meant, but he ended up following along with his stubborn friend like he always did.

As they ran through the grassy pasture barefoot, dodging the sheep and occasional cow, Mitchell and Adeline tirelessly tried to capture the fireflies in futile efforts. As the sky darkened with the diminishing rays of the sun, they knew it was nearing the time to head home for dinner.

Adeline reached her small arms up into the air, curling her tiny fingers in frustration. “We’re NEVER gonna catch them, Mitchell!”

Mitchell, knowing that Adeline wasn’t one to usually give up, tried to think of something to comfort his aggravated adventurer.

“…Maybe we can catch the rest of the sun, Adie?” he asked hopefully. “I heard you can save it forever, and it keeps you from getting sad.”

Adeline looked at Mitchell, puzzled at first by his offer.

“Er…okay. Guess so…well, hurry! We don’t have much time!!”

Once again invigorated by the thought of a plan that would actually work, Adeline ran ahead of Mitchell, swinging the cap of the jar and yelling and pointing out spots where Mitchell needed to capture the last rays of the sun touching the grass.

The beautiful fireflies circled in flight around Adeline and Mitchell, who were no longer interested in hunting them.

More than fifteen years later, Mitchell looks at the sun-filled jar on the shelf above his dresser, always thinking of Adeline. Adeline, always quick to live life how she pleased, was in Croatia at the moment, enjoying the sights, couch-surfing with new acquaintances, and painting the breathtaking views around her each day. Mitchell, always the logical one, preferred not to take risks like quitting his well-paying job to travel the world like a gypsy. However, since Adeline had reluctantly left after trying to convince him to come with her, Mitchell was growing weary of missing her.

What Adeline didn’t know was that Mitchell would soon be on the 6:50 AM flight headed in her direction. He had quit his job only a few days prior, taking part of a risk in order to confess his undying love for her, and he was ready to jump into the adventure of Adeline’s love-filled life.

This day, Mitchell was sitting in the leather seat at the airport, awaiting the boarding of the plane. He had only one well-cared-for leather carry on for the adventure ahead of him, in addition to the glass jar that he clutched between both hands. This time, the jar was safely sitting vertically in his lap, containing both the sunshine he and Adeline had caught years ago, along with the rare sea foam green diamond ring passed down from his great grandmother inside.

In less than a moment, it was time for the flight’s departure, and Mitchell was on his way.


Danie at Pasadya said...

circleofchaos: I'll be sure to drop by! :) Thank so much for your sweet comment and for visiting.

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