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Wednesday, August 15, 2012


This day was one of my favorites during the trip! I couldn't fit all the photos from this day into one post, so I'll have to show you a few tomorrow from this day. 

Would you like to see?  

We didn't want to use valet for parking at the hotel, so we decided to *try to save our pennies by parking in a parking garage a few blocks around the corner. We saw a sign that read "Only $15 Sundays" are were beyond excited. Buuut, when it was time to pay, it turned out you could park your car on Sunday only (and not also Monday) to get the rate. Sigh, nice try.

My husband is too tall for his own good (not really...I'm too short / uncoordinated for my own good) and always has to turn around and wait on me after he gets too far ahead. I feel like I did as a four-year-old holding my dad's hand while literally running to keep up with him.

We loved those little alleys filled with restaurants.

The architecture was beautiful. As were the labels.

I just pretended like I could afford Louis Vuitton. I guess it was probably a good thing that my suitcase was ultra crammed, so instead, I only bought one red dress on major clearance for $20 a couple of days later. Looks like a one-shouldered million bucks in my eyes. :) 


Giovanna said...

Great shots! Love California!


Unknown said...

lovely shots of the city! I'm missing out on all this, never having ben to San Fran! thanks for visiting, I love your blog!

Danie at Pasadya said...

Giovanna: Thank you! It'a pretty place. :)

Milynn: Thanks! I hope you get to go someday! You're so welcome, and thank you so much also for stopping by. :)

Unknown said...

how fun! i'm sad you didn't come to LA but it looks like you had a great time. lovely pictures.

Danie at Pasadya said...

Daisy: Awww, me too! I went to LA only for a day once, and we didn't have time to really explore. We were just picking things up for my cousin's wedding in Pamona. i can't believe that was over 8 years ago! And thank you so much--we did have fun! :)

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