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Friday, August 17, 2012


Today marks the day of my dad's birthday. I can't tell you how many sacrifices my parents made for my sister and me when we were little (and even now!). I remember one night as a kid, I ran into my parent's room at night, screeched to a halt at the foot of the bed like I normally did, and then shyly squeezed my hands together at my stomach.

"Is it okay if I call y'all 'Mom' and 'Dad'?" I asked. All the first graders at school called their parents Mom and Dad, and I felt so childish and uncool calling my parents Mama and Daddy.

They looked at each other (probably trying not to laugh), and told me of course. My sister and I had grown up calling our parents "Mama" and "Daddy" since birth, and let's just say my new trend only lasted a few minutes because it felt too weird and forced.

So here it is: Happy Birthday, Daddy! I'm blessed to be your girl. :) Same goes for you, Mama (minus the birthday, since yours is in December).

TA DA!!! I learned how to make a gif just for this very special occasion! You learn something new every day, right?


Anna said...

i loveee this. so cute. was it hard?? i've always wanted to make one

Camille said...

Hey Danie, this is an absolutely gorgeous post. Your blog always makes me smile. Just letting you know, i nominated you for that liebster award that's been going around. if you've got a moment you should check it out [along with some of the other lovely ladies nominated]. it's a cute idea :)

Rosa said...

You're so sweet! I'm sure your parents are proud to have raised such a lovely person...

Inés said...

Happy Birthday Danies' Daddy!!!! (Certainly a very fortunate man...)

Have the best weekend, sweetie!

Big hugs!

Danie at Pasadya said...

Anna: Thank you, dear! No, actually it wasn't! I'll have to give a tutorial on it. If you want to create a gif before then, here's where I learned:

Camille: Aw, thank you! Same goes for your blog. :) Thank you so much!! That is so sweet and encouraging of you, and of course I'll check it out. You're too sweet.

Rosa: You know I always say that about you behind your back! :) I think your parents feel the exact same way...

Ines: Aw, Ines, thank you! Your entire family is fortunate to have you in their lives! It was such a good weekend...birthdays and weddings make my heart full. Hope yours was wonderful also!! Abrazos!

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