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Monday, July 2, 2012


Now that I'm trying to learn photography, I keep finding myself getting lovestruck with the smallest things...sun flares, for example, make my day.

In school, I used to freak out about whether or not I was doing something correctly. A type of perfectionism like that can suck the fun out of any project. People always have personal opinions of what makes art beautiful, what classifies a good photo, writing that's worthwhile, you name it...and I used to worry A LOT about meeting others' expectations.

I'm so inspired by people who take the initiative to start learning about something foreign to them, and they keep practicing, making mistakes, and learning from those mistakes.

As for me, I want to practice capturing and creating the small things in life that make me happy, even it sporadically involves phones, disposable cameras, old sketchbook paper, and broken pencils. You never know what you may end up with.

What about you?


Julia said...

beautiful post,i still worry a lot whether im doing things correctly and etc but i think i just should let it go:)

helen said...

so lovely! i love trying to capture the little things too. there is so much beauty all around us that we sometimes neglect to see. happy photographing1 :)

Unknown said...

I can relate so well to this! I've put off so many things I want to do because I'm scared of not meeting peoples standards, but it's getting to the point where I'm realising that's more than a little unrealistic, and a good way to suck the fun out of everything (like you said!).

Thanks so much for sharing - I needed to read something like this today. Can't wait to see what you come up with! Rhi xx

The Wildest of Dreams

Rosa said...

I love these shots!

I totally sympathize with your post, I get caught up in trying for the 'perfect' shot ('perfect' anything, really). I've been trying to let go of this recently, and just keep firing's much easier with digital than with film, though.

It's so much more fun when I'm trying not to get everything 'just so'.

Nicole said...

I love these pictures! You are so right Danie, we need to just do what WE like and not worry about others :)

Candace said...

beautiful post! definitely gives you a warm feeling :)

Cathy said...

So Beautiful and inspirational. It really is about the small things in life that are truly gorgeous. :) Keep it coming!

Cathy Trails

Holly said...

I remember having the same feeling when I started learning how to use my DSLR (and I'm still learning, ha!). Suddenly a renewed appreciation for all the small things around me. I noticed I much preferred to take closeups and play with depth of field. When I have my camera in hand, I feel like an explorer :)

Growing out of the need to meet external expectations is very important. Thanks for bringing that up. Sadly, I think it's something we all fall victim to sometimes. As long as we're aware, we can do something about it.

Great photos Danie! I can see how this new hobby adds to your creative being - enjoy and thanks for sharing with us! Xx.


Yes! Never stop learning...there is always something new and interesting to know!

There is something for you on my blog today. :-)


Inés said...

I totally agree, Danie! But you are a very visual person, so everything you try in that direction always have that uniqueness and charming side, witch is your point of view, my dear! You are very talented and absolutely charming, and it shows!!!!

Kisses and hugs, sweetie!


Danie at Pasadya said...

You all are the SWEETEST! And you all know that, right?

It's so good not to feel alone trying to dive into new things. I have a feeling most of us suffer from perfectionism. We're bound to get better about that! :)

Michela: I'll definitely drop by! Can't wait to see!

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