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Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Guys, I went bike riding for the first time in about 100 years this morning. At first, it was EXHILARATING. I would shout to my husband about how wonderful it feels, how pretty everything is, how I can't wait to do this every morning...until about 25 minutes later, when we were no longer riding downhill. Let me tell you, to say that I was huffing and puffing back to the house (all uphill, mind you), is really just an understatement. I just hope no walkers/drivers could see the look on my face as I crept uphill on my purple aluminum bike wearing my fantastically blinding neon yellow shirt. My husband's bike got really squeaky as we biked uphill, and I had to stop myself from even smiling, because I had the fear that if I laughed, I would just slide back downhill and end up on the pavement with a mangled bike on top of me.

Anyway! Now that I'm still alive, I wanted to share something with you:
When I'm shopping, you're likely to find me in the back of the store cramming my body through clothing racks in hopes of finding my steal of the day. I thought it would be nice to extend the same opportunity to you online (minus the cramming during the hunt).

Right now, these pretties are available at my little shop at Etsy. The sale price is for one print (originally $25.00).

Happy Tuesday!


Rosa said...

Yay for riding bikes!

But not uphill...that's just crazy. But you're alive to tell about it!

Lovely prints, I'm going to check out your etsy shop now, I haven't been on for a while (since I am now on a spending diet because of my travlling).

Designwali said...

oh thanks for stopping by because I found your lovely blog and your fabulous art! beautiful...checking out your shop now!

Danie at Pasadya said...

Rosa: I'm glad to be alive too. :) Well thank you! I can imagine! Traveling trumps shopping, in my opinion.

Deignwali: I loved looking around! You have such a great energy and outlook, and that room was precious. Thank you so much!

Unknown said...

Haha, that sounds like me and running! It brings you to a sad place of humility. Haha.

Great sale!

Brigid said...

Keep calm and bike on :) My husband and I love our sunrise rides. It's ridiculously early, but it feels like the entire city is ours. Enjoy!!!

Danie at Pasadya said...

Daisy: You know, it really does!

Brigid: Ha, that's right. :) I feel exactly the same way!

Holly said...

How generous of you! Your prints are gorgeous. Sadly, I will have to wait until we are in our next home to make a decision about which Pasadya piece I need ;)

Your biking experience is so funny because I can relate to it so well! Since moving to Germany, biking has become a common occurrence - but it wasn't so until then. My first excursion on my bike here was so devastating (I hadn't ridden a bike in years!). I fell off, I got lost, I had to get off my bike to climb a hill ... just horrible. But the next time was better and so was the time after that. Now I know how to manage my gears to make biking uphill easier!

Wishing you a great day!

Inés said...

Hahaha! Danie, I certainly can relate!!! My hubby and boys love to bike and Luka is just out of his training wheels, so every time they invite me to go for a ride, they look so excited that I just can't say no, but no thank you...When finally we arribe our home, my face looks and feels so red and hot that I look like a cartoon with steam leaving from my ears, and there is nothing remotely pretty or chic about it!!!
Oh those digital illustrations are just gorgeous, Danie, and in SALE...I'm visiting Etsy Shop right now!!!!
Hope you’re all having a great week
Big hugs, dear!

Danie at Pasadya said...

Holly: Well thank you! That's completely fine. :) I just thought it would be nice to reduce a few prices for a short bit. WOW, your biking experience sounds awful! I don't think I'd get back on a bike for a VERY long time after that. So glad you're back on! Hope you have a great day also!!

Ines: Aw, you are the best mom! I'm sure the boys love it when you agree to come, especially now that Luka's off his training wheels. I remember that time! It was completely exhilarating. Thank you so much! Hope the same for you, dear!

Shoko said...

Danielle, your work is gorgeous! So glad to have discovered it! :)

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