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Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I used to be pretty lazy when it came to waking up early, but I'm trying to remedy that. You miss out on so much when the sun is rising! Point in case:

I love how the camera can pick up the slightest variation in colors, like the differences in the hues of pinks in the first and second photos. Everything is so bright and alive in the morning (before it tops over 100 degrees).

This cloud made me chuckle. Doesn't it resemble Bruce from Finding Nemo?? Or at least some giant fish...

Hope you're enjoying your morning so far!


Unknown said...

I never take walks in the morning, I should do this. All of these pictures are lovely.

Cathy said...

Wow I do see the giant fish! Nice shot!! I haven't taken an early morning stroll in quite some time. I need to over here, because in Arizona, it hits 90s and 100 by 10-11am!

Cathy Trails

Kyla said...

Beautiful photos Danie! Usually at that time of day I'm getting ready for work, so I can't go on walks :/

Unknown said...

Haha, I see it! I love walks :)

Unknown said...

Hehe I never noticed time differences until I started blogging. It's bedtime down here!! These are great photos :) They make me glad that I have to be up and out early tomorrow morning! Have a grand day! Rhi :)

The Wildest of Dreams

Erica said...

Beautiful photos.

I actually always see the sunrise, because my youngest pup, Tanner, wakes up at the crack of dawn. He has no concept of sleeping in. Not even on holidays or weekends.

The bright side of that is that I always catch the fleeting beauty of those early morning hours.

helen said...

BEAUTIFUL photos!! so inspiring :)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos! I have no choice but to wake up early early early. Country life is like that when you work in the city. But the world is perfect at 6am. Absolutely perfect.


Inés said...

Oh, I can see Bruce, Danie!, amazing!!!!
I love your picks, dear...I would love to see a painting from you with one of those gorgeous photos like an inspiration...
And I also love to walk in the mornings, I always take the riverside walk, it's the perfect start of the day to me...

Kisses and Hugs, sweetie!


Holly said...

I like that you took us along for the walk ;) Great pictures, I'm always looking for the clouds to tell me something too! That's definitely Bruce!


Gloria said...

Ha! It does look like Bruce! I'm such a night owl that I rarely see beautiful sunrises like this - boo!

Rosa said...

Lovely, lovely. It's raining where I live (in fact, they're calling it 'Juneuary') and I'm so jealous of your sun and light. Glad to be looking at your world through your eyes...I missed you!

Danie at Pasadya said...

Bekuh: Oh, yes, you should! Your evening walks are gorgeous, though. Seems like that time of day the mosquitoes fall in love with me.

Cathy: Isn't that so funny? I always make stuff out of clouds. Thank you so much! I KNOW what you mean! It usually hits the height of the heat around noon in Texas. So sorry the heat comes sooner to you!

Kyla: Thanks, dear! :( I know how that goes. Most of the time my husband isn't able to walk with me. If we do, it has to be cut short so he can get to work on time.

Daisy: Ha, glad it made you laugh. :) Me too! I've never been too much of a runner, walking all the way!

Rhianna: Oh, me neither! I still always think everyone's on my time, even after months and months. I guess it's bedtime again for you by now. I agree, sunrises make me appreciate the world a lot more! Hope you've been having a great few days also!

Erica; Thank you! Aww, what a cute name for a puppy. Haha, that's EXACTLY how my sister's dog is. Good thing you look at the bright side. :) Thank you for stopping by!

Helen: Thank you so much! I love it when the light hits perfectly on things that otherwise wouldn't be what you'd call gorgeous. Makes me realize the beauty of everything around me. :)

Wren: Thank you, sweet! Ah, my husband can relate to that. He grew up a country boy. :) He even ran on gravel barefoot. I DO NOT have that ability. I used to drive around 5 AM from Abilene to Lubbock every couple of weeks, and that time was the most beautiful. Fog would rise from the ground, and the sky was pink! Maybe if I weren't running late all the time I could've taken pictures. :( I'll always remember it, though!

Ines: He's smiling at you, dear! Thank you so much. You are SUCH a sweetheart. I'll have to take on your request! I love the colors in those photos. Ines, that sounds so beautiful! Just like you, you know. :)

Holly: So glad you enjoying accompanying me! I think Bruce would be happy you can see him too.

Gloria: Haha, so is one of my best friends from home. There's nothing that can stop her from staying up late! One time she almost missed her final exams for nursing school because she accidentally slept in. It was too close!

Rosa: Juneuary!! It has to be so pretty still. :) We NEED rain so bad. I have a feeling everything might turn brown again this summer. Glad you like it though. I missed you TOO!!

Julia said...

just love the colors and shapes of the 3rd photo! beautifully captured

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