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Monday, June 4, 2012


Thank you all for your sweet comments while I was gone. :) They always make this little girl happy.

The move went well, and it felt like it flew by...for me, anyway. The boys probably beg to differ. We constantly managed to squeeze in time to relax. All in all, this trip felt like a vacation.

1) After hours of moving furniture and boxes into the new home, we took a break at the hotel pool before dinner. While a few people decided to swim, I ran around and snapped photos. I'm always mesmerized by the sun hitting water. I have a lot more water shots to share with you! Oh, and those little beauties are my new favorite shoes, since these sandals are about to fall apart. 

2) This adorable little guy (our nephew) hated the pool. It was so weird...we would put his feet in the water, and the usually happy boy would start to frown and clearly let us know that he didn't like us introducing him to the chlorine-filled water. He kept himself happy wandering around the concrete while following his tummy instead. My friend and I call this the "dino stage," short for "dinosaur stage." You know, it's where babies stick out their stomachs, hover their arms above the ground, and strut in a semi-balanaced walk similar to that of a t-rex. It's my favorite stage! 

3) Ohh, guys. The skies were always gorgeous. This was on our way back to Dallas.

4) Once we were back in Texas, we decided to treat ourselves to a nice hotel and used Priceline to get a good deal. Problem is, the hotel we got ended up being INSIDE the DFW airport. We were quite the sight to see. Picture a big truck pulling an even larger trailer driving around the airport (in a lost manner) and finally rolling up to the entrance. Needless to say, the truck + trailer had to be parked a shuttle ride away from the hotel. I don't think I've seen my in-laws laugh so hard! Well, except for that time our family reunion ended up being held at a truck stop. This is the other side of my family. You have to love them! 

Anyway, the hotel was amazing. Seriously. Just to prove where we were, here's a photo of our view of the parking garage. Look at that sky, though! That's what we woke up to. Before we left, we were able to enjoy extra time together, and I flipped through this Dallas magazine before packing my stuff to take the shuttle back to our truck + trailer combo. 

So how has your week been??


Jess | the Jess Journals said...

Gorgeous photos, glad you had a good trip!! :)

Danie at Pasadya said...

Jess: Thank you! It was so much fun. :) I'm excited to go back sometime soon!

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