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Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I'm trying to get much better at photography, and it's so helpful to be able to see beautiful shots for inspiration. The other day, I was happy to stumble on photography by two sisters at Perfection Makes Me Yawn. I LOVE the lighting in their photos and their subtle attention to detail. Everything just blends wonderfully.


As if I didn't already want an elephant necklace, now I'll have to go on the hunt because these photos told me I need one. I love the positioning and the angles in the photos. I'm oftentimes a straight-on type of person, if that makes any sense (like in the top photo). Now added onto my list of photography goals: experiment with angles.


Oh, if only you could see me over here gawking at these details. I guess I need to paint my nails two-toned also! So yeah, I want to be able to drag my big camera around and actually take (good) impromptu photos with it. I always have to use my iPhone for shots that aren't staged / need to be taken QUICKLY. And when I stage photos, it takes me about three hundred years to get the shutter speed and aperture correct, and then I take one million photos to choose about three from. You live and learn, though! It's exciting to think where I'll be with photography in one year from now.

What about you? Are you learning (or plan to learn) something new that excites you?


Always Maylee said...

Oh I love the elephant necklace, how cute!

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee

Rosa said...

I'm right there with you on wanting to take better photos!

I LOVE that shot from the side of the wall / picture unique.

Lena said...

Three hundred years to get the shutter speed and aperture correct? I can completely relate to this like a thousand times over. I also find myself getting really overwhelmed with editing those three pictures. There's just so. many. choices! But, I have to say, that one really awesome, I can't believe I took that picture is totally worth it.

Sarah Carlson said...

I'm also trying to get better at capturing great photos. It's hard because I haven't gotten myself to take the plunge and buy a really nice camera. Right now I just have a little point and shoot. Someday, I'll invest and try to get really good shots. I agree with you! I also tend to do just straight on. Must start experimenting!

Anonymous said...

I would love to better my photography skills! My camera is very average and I hate to admit that I use my iPhone for most of my photo taking. If photoshop wasn't so darn expensive I'd buy it in a heartbeat!

Anonymous said...

There's a few online photography courses I want to take. I love capturing moments of my life in photographs, but I definitely wish I was better at it.


Jess said...

Oh my, I ALWAYS need a new elephant necklace! I'm obsessed!

Daisy said...

great pics. the lightning is really great!

x Daisy



curious about results ;)

Danie at Pasadya said...

Yi-chia: Oh, I think it's the best!

Rosa: Me too! So creative! We'll get there, just you wait. :)

Lena: You always make me laugh out loud! It. is. SO. HARD!! I know that awesome feeling, though! I need to learn to know what I'm actually doing during the process.

Sarah: Hey, nothing wrong with starting with a point and shoot! I'm using my iPhone a liiiitle too regularly. I kinda stole my husband's camera because I only had a teeny camera before. Ssh, no telling. ;)

Abby: You totally aren't the only one, dear! Ugh, yeah, Photoshop is a bit painful to pay for. I heard Photoshop Elements works alright...surely it's much cheaper? Although, if you're in school, you should definitely check and see if you have a student discount for Photoshop! It might be worth it if you use it constantly.

Wren: That's a great idea! The only thing is, I'm that girl that needs to be there in person to fully learn something. Actually, that's a total lie now that I think of it...I TOOK a photography course in college and still don't understand it. Thankfully, my husband was able to explain everything that I should have learned through the class in about 45 minutes (now I just need A TON of practice and experimentation!). He must know me or something...

Jess: ME TOO!! It's too adorable!! Chic at the same time, though.

Daisy: Thank you! I love their work! Thanks for visiting!

The Divinitus: I'll keep you posted! Hopefully I'll just move forward from here. :) Thank you for coming by!

Fashion Cappuccino said...

Love these photos! And I know what you mean...when I take photos of myself, it takes forever and then out of like 100s, I only like about two. It means I appreciate a lot of how those fashion editorials get made! xoxoxo

Holly said...

I think most people who have blogs where they post lots of pictures are interested in photography sort of by default. Being able to take good pictures is really valuable for a blogger or for people selling stuff online or for anyone who is "show and tell-ing". I'm also always trying to improve my photo skills. It feels never ending, but it's quite fun.

Images are important.


Sadie Dear said...

I'm right with you! I always take 50 pictures and only save 2 or 3 of them. I'll take a picture of my hubby and then he'll walk away like I'm done. I get so exasperated trying to explain to him he needs to sit still until I get the settings right. "But that picture looks fine," he says. But I don't want "fine"! I want "perfect"! Hehe.

Danie at Pasadya said...

Fashion Cappuccino: BIG props to you for taking your own photos of yourself! Gosh, I tried to do that the other day because I'm working on modifying the layout of this blog, and I want a real about page that doesn't have me making a snarky face (that's usually what seems to happen in my candid photos). I took SO MANY!! I can't imagine having to do fashion takes a special type of patience! I definitely appreciate all the work that goes into editorials as well!

Holly: I couldn't agree with you more. My interest in photography is tenfold compared to what it used to be before I started blogging and taking photos of my art. It really is so fun to learn! We both will be so much better with time (I hope!). :)

Sadie: Your husband and mine would probably be BFFs! His attention span is like that of a fly. He's like, "Okaaay, we've been here for about 3 minutes...are we finished??" I'm bitten by the perfection bug daily. I need to leeeet goooo.

Unknown said...

So glad you that you like our work! *lol* we are also struggling w shutter speed and different setups, trust me!! It is a constant fight going on between us and the camera. Two things we've found out that really helps you taking flawless photos is an external flash and a huge portion of patience!;) These things will take you far!!


Danie at Pasadya said...

Atta & Maja: I LOVE your work!! Flash?? Wow, I wouldn't have guessed! I'm always told to avoid flash like the plague, but it's obviously working in your photos! My cousin's husband showed me how to cover the flash on the camera with a napkin or thin piece of cloth, and it kind of helped. I definitely need to experiment! Thank you for the inspiration and pointers!

Ada (new york) said...

I loooove photography angles - should do it more often. And, now I HAVE TO paint my nails 2 tone :) .. even for 1 day

Nomadic D. said...

These are great photos! I agree, it's always so tempting to go "straight on" at whatever you're trying to capture. I try and put as many original photos on my blog as I can but the truth is I'm a total beginner. I do love it though. Even just recently bought myself a new camera

but am still just guessing. Blogging for sure is a great platform to push ourselves to experiment and improve though! But soon I think I'll be enrolling in a little photo workshop, self-education is slow going!

Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting,

Danie at Pasadya said...

Ada: I really need to do the same also! BOTH of them!

Nomadic D: Oh, me too. Not to worry. It's a long process for me to learn, but I'm enjoying it. I'm definitely going to check out your new friend! My husband has a Nikon D60, and it's been great to learn on. He was able to buy it used from a friend, so that was even better! Can't wait to hear how your photo workshop goes!

You're welcome! Thank you also. :)

Caisa {casa de caisa} said...

I also read their blog and I always get so inspired watching their photos ;)

Danie at Pasadya said...

Caisa: Yes, I'm so glad I found them! It's so great to browse around their work. Thank you so much for stopping by! Have a wonderful weekend. :)

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