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Friday, March 16, 2012


Hellooo!! Happy Friday, everyone!

First off, I have to say huge thanks to Holly at HvH Interiors for featuring my work on her blog. I can't begin to express how much all of the support and encouragement that I've received from both Holly and of course you, my sweet readers, means to me. It's people like you, with your kindness and positivity, that make me want to pursue and move forward with my work. Thank you so much, truly.

Ahem. Before I get caught up and emotional, let's gather and sit down for story time, shall we? Today's illustration + story is partially about confusion, but also finding your way around something, whatever it may be. This one's titled "Wonder."

“I really have no idea what to do,” she quietly told him. She had said it almost under her breath, realizing she was saying it to herself. She wondered if he had even heard her.

He spun around in his chair, energetically scooting across the cool tiles toward her white desk. She stared into his light blue eyes, noticing the golden flecks of green and brown. 

“Why don’t you use your light-table today?” he asked her. “Just play with the markers for a while. You don’t even have to think about anything else at the moment.”

His constant effervescence and drive never failed to fill her with encouragement. After all, he was the driving force behind all this…her number one fan.

Her number two fan lay curled up in a relaxed ball at her feet, deeply snoring as she breathed in and out through her nostrils. The furry companion was completely enjoying the soft cushioning of the white mat and the heat of the sunbeam through the window. She stared at the small dog, bending down to pet her sleek black and white fur.

“Don’t get distracted,” he reminded her. “Remember to work with purpose.”

“I’ll try my best,” she answered.

She reached to her right for the glass jar housing the markers and then bent to her left to peer under the table and switch on the lamp. She began to glide the markers over the lightly textured paper. She wasn’t quite sure of what this might turn out to be, but then again, she rarely knew. Happily, she realized that she was once again lost in the effortless strokes and movement, and her drawing began to take shape on the crisp paper as the markers bled through.

I'm sure you've been stumped before too, huh? I guess we all have a way of trying to get where we need to be, but the task seems lighter with the smallest touch of positivity and encouragement. As for me, my day seems brighter even when a stranger smiles at me in the grocery store. I think I'm just swayed that way.

Did you notice the hints of green? Hint, hint: Don't forget that it's St. Patrick's Day tomorrow! I don't want any of you to get pinched.


Holly said...

I love this illustration! Her expression is perfect.

Actually just noticed that at the moment that it's almost side by side your profile pic and you are both striking a very similar pose!

Thank you for the story. Encouragement and positivity is important to get through blockages.

"Work with purpose" Love that.


ali v. said...

I seriously don't think you could find anyone more creative than you! Love the green touches in the illustration--and the story! You are amazing. Have a great weekend! xoxo {av}

Danie at Pasadya said...

Holly: Thank you!! I realized the same thing right after I posted, and felt a tiny bit ridiculous. Ha! I drew the illustration way before that photo. Kinda funny how I accidentally do things like that.

You are so welcome! Oh, and that's my husband's saying with me all the time...I can drag a bit at times. Thank you so much for reading! :)

Danie at Pasadya said...

AV: You are ridiculously sweet, and you made my day just now! Thank you so much. YOU are amazing! :) :)

Hope you have the best weekend too!

Ciera said...

Your illustrations are so sweet and beautiful!

Danie at Pasadya said...

Thank you so much, Ciera!

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