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Friday, March 2, 2012


It's finally Friday! What are your plans this weekend?  As for us, I think my little family (husband + me + Boston Terrier) are going to take it nice and easy. You know, like taking a few long walks in this amazing natural park that we found last weekend that's only about a mile from our house. How did we not know about this until now?? It's eye opening to realize that you can miss the beauty surrounding you, waiting to be explored.

Also, I think we'll head over to the arts district tonight since we've only been there once! It's time to wander around more. Hope you have lots of exploring ahead of you as well. :)

On that note, would you like to hear about a little lady who would also like to explore (but venture out of her comfort zone)? If you answered yes, here's her story:

She had always been told she was beautiful. She would genuinely smile and graciously take the compliment, always returning the favor with a quiet air of kindness. There had come a point in her life in which she decided that she wanted to be her own kind of beautiful—one that no longer yearned for the attention of what most people would consider quietly exquisite. She knew she would have to ready herself for reactions quite different from her former compliments, but she steadied herself and went forward. She had always dreamed of being brave.

Short and sweet. Do you have something in store like her? If so, hope you gain the courage to take the baby steps toward living your dream, as cliché as it sounds. 

Have a beautiful weekend!


Rosa said...

Lovely and inspiring! Thank you.

Danie at Pasadya said...

Thanks, sweet Rosa! Cannot wait to see your work! :)

Fashion is for idiots [like us] said...

Thanks for your comments! :)
So nice of you:)
Sure, you can use my picture when putting a link, Thank you for asking!


Inés said...

Words to live by.

Have the best weekend!
Big hugs!

paislea said...

i love your blog! it's wonderful!!

drop by allister bee soon!

Danie at Pasadya said...

Fashion: Thanks so much! I just loved your ocean photo! I'm going to put it up today...obviously, I can't wait to share it. :)

Ines: You too, my dear! :)

Paislea: Thank you so much! Such a big compliment! You have such a great blog, by the way!! Totally eye-catching!! I'll be there often!

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