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Friday, February 24, 2012


So remember when I promised that you would hear the story behind the ambiguous close-up? You know, the one with a gray box with a bow on it:

Turns out it belongs to this special lady:

Annnd here's Miss Naiomi's story:

They had always pronounced her name incorrectly, as far as she could remember. Even as a baby, her parents recalled that she had been accidentally called at least a dozen different names. Nay-oh-me? No-he-mi? Nah-ah-mi! Or maybe just Ni-oh-mi…It’s no matter, she had always told herself. In fact, she actually enjoyed this confusion, playfully stating they had pronounced it correctly the first time. No wait, the third time was right, not the first time. Her friends had lovingly created numerous nicknames for her, always demanding their own, special concoction of how the nickname should be spelled. That’s alright. She loved how each friend knew her by a different name; a different spelling. She felt loved and appreciated all the same.


Unknown said...

Cute story! Really liking the drawing :)

Danie at Pasadya said...

Thanks Daisy! I loooved your post on Fashion the other day! Happy weekend! :)

Unknown said...

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