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Friday, February 24, 2012


(Photo taken by Mr. Husband in Lubbock, TX)


So remember when I promised that you would hear the story behind the ambiguous close-up? You know, the one with a gray box with a bow on it:

Turns out it belongs to this special lady:

Annnd here's Miss Naiomi's story:

They had always pronounced her name incorrectly, as far as she could remember. Even as a baby, her parents recalled that she had been accidentally called at least a dozen different names. Nay-oh-me? No-he-mi? Nah-ah-mi! Or maybe just Ni-oh-mi…It’s no matter, she had always told herself. In fact, she actually enjoyed this confusion, playfully stating they had pronounced it correctly the first time. No wait, the third time was right, not the first time. Her friends had lovingly created numerous nicknames for her, always demanding their own, special concoction of how the nickname should be spelled. That’s alright. She loved how each friend knew her by a different name; a different spelling. She felt loved and appreciated all the same.

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Do you have tons of shoes and then just find yourself wearing....3 pairs? Only? Actually, after my house purging (wardrobe included), I was able to whittle my shoe collection down to less than about 20 pairs, and I STILL only seem to wear these! I can't bear to get rid of my other shoes though! I'll wear them someday...promise. Anyway, here are my absolute favorite shoes! They seem to go with pretty much everything in my closet.
Boots: Nine West (2011)
Heels: Nine West (2010)
Sandals: Candie's (2008?)

I'm that person that will wear things until they turn to shreds...obviously, my poor sandals have experienced a little too much love, so they're kind of flattened/curled up. When I first bought them (50% off, wooo) they had these extremely annoying straps on the back that would fall under my heels every time I tried to run to class. I guess that's my lesson for being late. After about a YEAR of dealing with those stupid straps, I finally had a bright idea to CUT THEM OFF (insert head slap). Since the amputation, they've been the best sandals ever! I just need to remember that I can be resourceful sometimes. 

As for the boots and heels, I was googly-eyed and pronounced that it was definitely love at first sight. My husband/friends tried to convince me that I didn't need these because I was going against my normal self who bought things on sale. Oh man, I'm so glad I didn't listen! ;)  My wallet begs to differ. See, but you NEED your friends/loved ones to hold you steady so you don't freak out and buy the entire store, right? Yes, of course. 

A girl is obviously enamored with her shoes when she decides:
There you have it: I'm in l-o-v-e. Do you have the same problem? What are your absolute favorite shoes? :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I'm running around over here working on a project that I've been excited about for a long time! I'm at the point where I'm trying to put together the finishing details, and I can't wait to share it with you very soon! Wanna peek? (I'll definitely let you see the entire images when they're all ready!) :)
Psst...check in on Friday to read the story behind the last photo.... :)

Friday, February 17, 2012


(Photo taken in Maui on our honeymoon)


Gather! It's time to sit around in a circle and stare at an illustration while listening to a story about a cherished pair of shoes. Just like third grade reading time, right? :) Kidding. Have you ever felt like you needed to keep a certain material item because of an emotional connection? I know a lot of people have...especially with heirlooms, baby blankets, wedding rings, etc. I've been on declutter mode for the past month, and the house has transformed by losing all the stuff we decided to get rid of. Buuut, of course, my college graduation gown is still waving at me from the closet with its giant winged arms. WHY am I trying to keep this mumu dress similar to the design of a garbage bag? I must be thinking that it'll come in handy one day. Anyway, hope you enjoy!

There they were, gently placed side by side with great consideration and care. They had brought a sense of happiness to her heart, as strange as it may seem. After all, they had accompanied her through pivotal points in her life. They were there when she excitedly ran through the damp green grass toward her family, tightly grasping her the evidence of her hard-earned education. They had been there with her as she first wandered through the brightly-lit, music-filled streets in awestruck amazement. They were there when she anxiously pulled on the iron handles of the glass doors to enter the bustling café…

”So are you going to keep those?” he asked her. “Honey..?” he asked again. She blinked, and came back to reality. “Oh. Sorry, I was just thinking how long I’ve actually had these…you remember the café where we met? I forgot I wore these that night…”

She pondered. “I think I have to keep these. I’ll just need to make the extra space.” He laughed. “That’s how they get to keep it all.” He paused, then knowingly smiled. “If it makes you feel any better, I kept mine too.”

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Monday, February 13, 2012


I've loved it and hated it. My senior year in college, one of my closest friends and I were boy-less, so we decided to go on a date together Mr. Gatti's. A million slices of mediocre pizza paired with tons of air hockey domination later, we decided that the day turned out to be one of the most memorable and happy Valentine's ever.

I think my husband and I are just going to keep it low-key this year. We're planning on a dinner at a sweet little pizza place in town where they make their own mozzarella cheese, have heat lamps outside for those who are ready to brave the cold, and even thick Mexican-patterned blankets for soon-to-be freezing brave ones. I think I'll decide to be brave...we'll see though.

So do you have any plans for this Valentine's? Either way, hope you have a happy day, as my friend would say!

Sunday, February 12, 2012


I love to add little stories to a lot of my finished art pieces. The originals and prints will soon be available in the Pasadya shop at Etsy! Here is the first of 9 line drawings so far: 
The streets are already bustling with the locals on the perfect sun-filled morning. The air is filled with amazing scents from the bakeries beginning their daily routine of creating delectable edibles, both mouthwatering sweet and salty. You figure it’s high time to stop into one of your favorite shops and treat yourself for once. It’s a hard choice between the light, cloud-like sweetness of the colorful macaroons and the dash of salt on the warm, fresh-baked breads, but you finally decide that today is a day for being sweet. You happily enter the pastry shop and join the throng of other avid admirers and find a spot to look through the glass at the beauties. Now if only you can choose which tasty treat will soon be yours…
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